Connection Solutions

Doctors WEB-LINK

Your Laboratory Electronic Medical Record.

Clinicians can access patient lab results from home, office, or hospital without concern for the "paper chase" in locating the hard-copy.

Online lab requisitions are easily created with pull-down menus for insurance, test codes, and diagnosis codes. Doctors Web-Link simpilfies Medicare Medical Necessity management. A broadband internet connection is required.

Doctors LAB-LINK

If you need computer-to-computer connectivity with Doctors' Laboratory, Inc., we offer and support Doctors Lab-Link. An electronic interface with your Practice Management System, Electronic Medical Record System, or Hospital Information System will simplify your daily workload. This data exchange typically follows the specification for the healthcare industry standard HL7 protocol. Your needs are uniquely addressed. An implementation plan is developed with participation by technical personnel from Doctors Laboratory and your vendor or staff.

Doctors AUTO-FAX

Doctors Laboratory offers results reporting via Doctors Auto-Fax Lab reports can be directed to your Fax machine as a primary or secondary method of report delivery. This is often used as a supplementary means for quick delivery of reports. Reports are sent to the printer on a frequent basis, or per your requested schedule.


Doctors Laboratory will place Doctors Auto-Print in your office. This laser printer provides high quality printing of your Lab Reports. Reports are sent to the printer via modem connection on a frequent basis, or per your requested schedule.

Printer, phone line, and supplies are included in our Lab service.