Doctors WEB-CYTE is a unique value-added service of Doctors Laboratory, Inc. You, our physician client, can have a one-on-one consultation with a staff pathologist concerning your patient's tissue examination. Our staff pathologist can share with you a visual and graphic view of your requested tissue pathology. This is accomplished with a phone call and a simple Internet connection from your computer. Simply follow these few steps and you will be on line with our pathologist:
  • Call Doctors Laboratory Pathology Dept at 800-342-7552 ext. 2239
  • Request a WEB-CYTE consultation and identify your patient.
  • When our pathologist is on the phone with you, click on the pathologist's name as shown on our web page below.
  • A screen will appear showing the tissue specimen for an interactive consultation with the pathologist.
Thank you for selecting Doctors Laboratory for your laboratory services.

Lonnie J. Gibson, CT(ASCP)
TOM, Anatomic Pathology
Bo Hong, M.D. PhD
Lake City, Medical Director
James H. Hudson, Jr., M.D., FCAP
Valdosta, Medical Director
Donald J. Sayet, M.D.